A transformative journey of self-discovery through yoga enhances a personal experience for all travelers. Therapies restore vitality and health, focused on your harmony.

In our Wellness Sanctuary, you can choose the setting, the surroundings of the biodiverse Garzacocha Lagoon, or the serenity of our Yoga House.

Both provide a serene ambiance and energy for those seeking to reconnect with nature.

Enrich your well-being in our yoga haven with professional yoga masters, who will guide you through soulful sessions, allowing you to choose the tranquil ambiance of the lagoon or the intimacy of our Yoga House. Steep yourself in the practice, harmonizing with the sounds and colors of pristine nature.

This approach includes the yoga experience with Cacao ceremonies at Mandi Cocha Lake, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit in an integrated way.

Amidst the lush surroundings, let the jungle be your guide, leading you back to your true wild self.

Embrace the present moment, lower stress levels, and uplift your energy to make the most of this enchanting adventure.


Indulge in curated rainforest treatments at the newly renovated Spa center, promising tranquility and reconnection.

Professionally crafted therapies, including a relaxing whirlpool and an innovative disconnection chamber, invite relaxation after an Amazonian adventure.

Experience delightful massages, from stress-relieving reflexology to invigorating hot stone treatments, ensuring the free flow of vital energy.

Support your lymphatic system with bamboo massages, benefit from natural exfoliation techniques, and experience a precisely tailored approach for your unique needs.

Pamper your skin with rejuvenating facial treatments using special lotions and masks. Opt for facial harmony or our signature yucca mask for a radiant glow.

Pamper in refreshing bath therapies with almond and coconut oil, guayusa, and Amazonian herbs, promoting sensory delight and happiness.

Extra relaxation options include revitalizing hand and foot massages, soothing therapies for children, and a romantic couples’ experience featuring exfoliation, jacuzzi, massages, and more delights.


Holistic ceremonies allow you to experience the opportunity to regenerate your mind and body, achieving a focus on your purpose. They allow you to reconnect with both your spiritual side and with yourself.

These ceremonies have a duration of two hours and take into account you must book them in advance.

For a deeper and more transformative and wellness journey guests can take our 3 night or 4 night holistic tour packages.

The ceremonies are performed by professional spiritual leaders, always based on our star ingredient, cocoa, allowing you to perform rituals with intention in a sacred space of light and love.

The spiritual practices will clear your mind and open your heart to listen deeply to its messages. Lake Mandi is the path to access the Cocoa Dome and the space for ceremonies and reconnection with Mother Nature.