Join a 3 or 4-night adventure at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat

Enjoy your stays and tour adventures at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat, where the Amazon rainforest becomes your setting in the heart of nature, with attractive programs to match your preferences.

Night Amazon Program
Deep into the jungle

Set out on the 3-night Amazon Program, venturing deep into the jungle.
On Day 1 explore the Matapalo Charapa trail. Experience a night canoe ride on Garza Cocha, followed by exciting activities on Day 2, including a visit to the Observation Tower and a Night Hike. Day 3 includes a visit to the Parrot Clay Lick and a cultural exploration. Depart on day 4 with memories of the rainforest.

Night Amazon Program
Deep into the jungle

Extend your adventure on a 5-day Amazon trip.
Days 1 and 2 mirror the 3-night program, providing a complete Amazon experience. On Day 3, explore Yasuní National Park for wildlife encounters and a serene paddle on the Morete Yaku stream. Day 4 offers diverse rainforest experiences and ends with a farewell cocktail party. Departure on day 5, enriched by the wonders of the Amazon.

Holistic Packages
Reconnect with your inner self

Encounter soul-filling journeys with our holistic 3-night discovery and 4-night energy exploration packages.
Dip into self-discovery, enjoy spa treatments, and explore the beauty of the Amazon. Choose your itinerary, experience revitalized energy, and leave with a surprise gift. Longer stays and exclusive packages await you: book an unforgettable jungle adventure now!

Extended Adventures
Explore Deeper with Our Longer Itineraries

Join our longer itineraries, like the captivating 7-night/8-day experience that includes a deep rainforest exploration. With unique wildlife encounters and fascinating vistas alongside our naturalist and local guides.

Each day brings exciting exploration at the Pañacocha Lagoon and Yasuní National Park. Treat yourself to delicious meals, relax in fancy rooms, and make lasting memories in one of the most diverse places on Earth.